I have no mouth
lips kiss your brow
cheekbone temple nose bridged
eyebrow lined
tongue touches gently
on eyelid closed over a quiet eye
lips draw over a breast
sized to pull full fill all
into my mouth
tongue spirals soft around
inward round areola to mamilla
lips kiss barely touch
the finest skin inside
beside sliding up underarm
tongue dips licks feeling
tasting texture roisin redolence
lips cover your inner thigh
long muscle lines feeling
toned curved cupped
tongue presses softest
over fat firmest over flesh
lips meet lips open lips inside
tongue tunnels deep slipslides
curling around thrumming root waits
touches tip just once
so lightly it's almost not there
lips dip under lifted hairfall
fine fuzzed beneath
tongue finds fills
your nestling napehollow
axis meets atlas meets life
31st May 2019 – #5DaysofEros 2 day three, the erotics of the body