as strong as gossamer
Love who you're with
and so I do, without measure
or reservation
and there are so many whom I love
each individual
each as they are
Love grows with the giving
aye and with the receiving
without let or limit
a chalice that grows
in size and strength and capacity
the more it is filled
the more it is poured
out into the world
Not to a single strand
overloaded with need or expectation
but into a shining dancing web
stronger more resilient
longer lasting
than life itself
26th December 2020
solid ground beneath my being
roots of me spiral
into the soil and you
you spiral with me
a double helix of entwined desire
untouching yet micrometre close
as we rise together
we rise with shafts of energy
criss-crossing between
each lifting each
our toes feel fire from earth
as we rise together
we rise into our nexus
of cool burning searing light
into unity of desire
as earth turns our hearts
held beneath us
as above
18th September 2020 Erotics of Earth #5DaysofEros 4.1
lightest breath
lighter than gentlest touch
wafting over barest sensation
catching that moment
of poised intensity
of anticipation
lifting turning rising
like earth moving
freeing fault lines that catch
undamped outflowing energies
inflowing balance of single-pointed fire
into an eternal moment
of ecstasies unbound
20th September 2020 Erotics of Air #5DaysofEros 4.2
flame on
can you breathe fire?
can you breathe
breathe your incandescence
breathe onto into
through me
your burning core scalds
even across miles and time
reifies my being
if you were here now
were to touch
my skin
just once
for one moment
I would deliquesce
transform into light
flame flying free
far enough
to heal
21st September 2020 #5DaysofEros 4.3 Erotics of Fire
Beachy Head
Bempton is handier
a gentle 2½ click stroll
from station to edge
get thoughts in order
then out to join
guillemots and kittiwakes
soaring whirling diving
into cold cold depths
no not to die
not this time
not for more than
for one
but to dive in your pools
of freezing fire
wash my soul unstained
once more over
our cliff top headland
of shared desire
to emerge cleansed
joined in an ocean of now
4th September 2020 Erotics of Water #5DaysofEros 4.4
when the air is right
and the music in my bones
sometimes I can see
flowing around me
glowing around you
dancing light where our auræ meet
magical moments of meeting
and connection but sight
sight is icing on a dance
always present when we meet
always there to feel
energies tingle warm
feeling closeness
feeling seperation
when we're touch-close
when we're across city
or country
or worlds
always joined through
æther transcending distance
in love ecstasies
grounded in deeper touch
typhoon air winds blowing
fires burning through joined being
storm waters rising
rising tides
rising tsunami
rising over breaking
over coming
all barriers
all discarded irrelevancies
coming … in
21st September 2020 Erotics of Æther #5DaysofEros 4.5
Sometimes the Earth moves
flows like fast slow liquid
deliquescing curving soil
moves up and across
lifting, carrying
dropping into a new void
opening where once was
stability that pretended
the only choice that's
not being consumed is
to dance
to feel the promise of the next
to move with while able
then thrown
tossed skyward
beyond harmony or any chance
of control
of escape from dissolution
in ever higher chaos
oscillating vibrating
faster deeper
faster deeper
until the movement
is fine intense alive
in tense it carries, holds
more solid in its movement
than ever the bedrock
it came from
no longer bound
by stale inertia
by echoes of the dead past
a new baseline
a new offering for
a new reality
for the Earth moves…
10th November 2021 #Howl instability » greater instability » resolution in order, or chaos
A final gift
to breathe for me
when I am no longer able
to hold my presence
and being into the world
when I cannot
after my spirit has danced
free of this body
Meantime be the
ocean rolling
spray shimm'ring over sand pebbles
shell'd of my being
turning drawing me back in
draw into you
undertow pulled down deeper
joining your presence
Stillness silence
deep soil return
life stirs between stones through mortar
cracks make their own path
slowgrown tendrils worming past
cold memories
long gone but still faint alight
echoes in far souls
21st March 2021