I am not alone
I am not invisible
a phantasm
loved but untouched
my body
my physicality
my senses
are not other
we are all joined (yes, even me)
we are part of
bound by
our corpo-reality
and I
I am part of that dance
of embodied spirit
yes touch is who I am
dance is what I am
and I can be touched
I do not have to dance alone
we are joined
we are all joined
I am joined
with you all
and yes
with myself
and then
we did touch
we did connect
long moments
I will not forget
I will carry
while breath is
doors once opened
do remember
carry the possibility
of reopening
a chance absent expectation
a choice
one that may never be taken
but will sit jewel like
in our centres
should shared desire ever beckon
reach out one finger
one tendril of fire
to join
bodies as well as
hearts and minds and souls
26th February 2024 – ace of wands; prince of swords; star #17