U is for U-bahn
When the war was over
(two phases embedded
universal war unending)
Belgian submariners
escaping carnage
under Somerset
She'd hear them there
shifting sands
in dirty protest
their u-bend fate
blowing holes
by the questionable
abandoned Western terminus
unfinished Piccadilline
They'll be there still
Ribena lost souls
called close by Avon lifeline
unless they followed
slipping unseen through
canal lock river land
boring grinding tunnels
until Trent Humber here
Mere ferry hop from
continental home afeart
la lutte continue
no safe haven anywhen
still sounds hollow clang
echo under Hessle foreshore
trolls calling exiled beneath
wide lost suspended skies
26th February 2018, an old tale retold – Squiffy Gnu alphabet challenge #5