Yesterday I felt my tears
to break through
to flow
close as … closer than
for a decade? More
roiling boiling
At home is a safe place
close, with a friend
expose share pour pain
into the world, thank you
for being there even despite
me still unopened
Like pushing through
a final barrier
a tessering barrier
back to quotidian
four-dimensional reality
still not quite breached
still seeing blurred wavering
though a shimmering wall
but close … so close
feeling my voice
Feeling a howl
ready to surface, but
not there
not then
not yet
not this time
perhaps one day
Holding hands
a metaphor for holding
so much more
(perhaps one day)
Finding silence in a
darkened music-filled room
pain still enclosed
but at least explained
shared, if only in words
17th August 2016, SG33 – Voice