Pain should ease
with time fade
with familiarity
with vain hope
pain still remains
A bare week now
to another sun return
to long past Shoreham time
to another birth day
years days hours moments
waiting wishing wanting
what cannot be dreaming
of a gift freely given
of comfort companionship
just for a little while
time out of time that
cannot come
not this time
not any time
still life then that night
can still come
there may be dancing
alone (of course) but not
alone surrounded by music
by friendly shapes all around
separate but still moving
together close in rhythm
through the light
Even a body unloved
can love its own movement
can rise suspended from
a crown shining cord
opening voice heart gut
running through down root
into Earth below
flying grounded for a moment
out of time
Until pumpkin time
to leave warmth and sound
and light alone
return alone
to bed alone
asleep alone
once more
Before another day
Before another year
28th September 2016, revised 20th September 2017 ☺