Say whatever you feel into this mic…
silence is loud scream … whimper
at least … absence has less
less effect influence
less affect
when there's nothing to say
to say it
no thing
dead skin … flakes of rust
dust bone dry
dust pain and brush probably best
littering my remains
would could should incur
an instant penalty of death
fitting really when life
life offers only dessication
in sterile isolation
in sterile gulch
where perhaps once was
joy … love … hope
on path
in gutter
Would you pick up the pieces after
after I finish falling apart?
ghosted one neutrino past
passed through
lead concrete flesh … heart
years since embalmed gone
no one to hear where there
were there anything inside
were there an inside
to no thing at all
fertile warmth moist with light
now extinguished
27th May, 17th June 2019