Sometime I might ask
to share a snog such harsh abrupt
or even a shag words for beautiful connections
(and if that matched your desire
you know I'd say, aye! I want to kiss all of you
every part, from the soft spot
where your neck flows
into your scalp behind your ear
to your eyes, the backs of your knees
the soft arm side of your breast
the base of your spine
the spot that nerve catches in your back
kiss your lips
kiss your lips
but even we have all that
I'd still always want this…)
what I want
really really want
is to cwtch
quiet and warm
and present
with and for each other
and for ourselves
curled on the sofa
for an hour
or three
time out
from a pressured
often hostile
(at least for a little while)
from alone
and after,
after, we can untangle
share each other's gaze
for long moments
and part, for our own beds
smiling softly
and thinking perhaps
of when we might do this again
in companionship
and yes,
27th January 2024