I cannot dance
I never learned to
dance with that is
of course I can
dance alone
when movement flows
from my core
from music around
and inside me
( My sister suggested
once floating across
cold sea long ago
that I could try and
eventually I did and
ever since I've barely stopped
learning slowly to
discard disregard
shame and embarrassment )
Once I was still
in a circle of people
I asked them to drum
in their own time
and their own ways
and as they beat I rose
slowly weaved flowed
leapt feeding back
dance from rhythm to
dance together in
ecstasy so yes
in a sense that was
with even intimate
though collective
centred through me so
not personal one to
one that no
no I cannot do but …
I wish that I could
you teach me?
Slowly gently patiently
with laughter and time
I'm so very tired
of always dancing alone
[ 18th August 2016 ]