still echoes
of fracture adhere
there might be joy
hidden in there
in the silences
between waves
tears tears torn
fabric and fears
drawn reluctant
from eyes enclosed
these many years
hopes ragged fail
but for the quietest
of whispers
scraps trail a path
across the void
hinting at hope still
even now at ends
gates showing
close closer
paths converging
one distant finger
extending for lightest
fleeting touch
now when that cannot be
yes I can reach over
to hold my head
to stop it breaking
curving lips onto
my own arm
rememberng what kiss
and be kissed
once felt stretching
flesh and tongue
bone and sinew
movement memory
of held renewing
reliving reconnecting
again each every day
to not forget
never forget
what once was
what might have been
if recollection
be not lost
in wistful wishful
of human purrs
of moments unalone
that never were
23rd January 2021