Love at first sight?
Foolish misapprehension
wishful thinking
wilful blindness.
This is so.
How irritating then that
(so often)
life has thrown me meetings
that fulfilled
that still fulfil
that first promise of
instant intimacy of
knowledge that has always been there
glancing aside
I fool myself
doodling this sketchy graffito
of connection is real
persisting broadening
deepening with
time with
with you
and you…
Soon I'm sure
reality will collide
I'll we'll realise
we're fooling each selves
that isolation lonely
misery is underneath.
It's not happened yet
an anomaly that will correct
just like society
that doesn't exist
just like community
that's self-delusion too.
After all
how could we know
how could we ever know
at first glance
without so mush as a word?
Madness to know that…
Love is.
30th May 2016, SG22 - doodling