holding on
How do I feel at home in this city?
How do I feel at home in this body?
I can define shapes of this space
this place I call me my mind my self
that power is gifted to me
but not free
but not unbounded
by frames and templates
forms held to me before I knew
I can add and amend nouns and verbs
even inside the walls of this
this template that I find myself within
push limits and call things what I will
transform my powers and persuasions
but will anyone still recognise
but will they all or any respect
my choices and definitions
as I craft my life
into a fulfilment I was never allowed
before can I now discard methods
that kept me alive and safe
that protected me for so long
re-create my relationship with all now changed
could a subclass of what I was given
become yet still be me still be recognisable
as human even
can I transcend add myself a tail
or an ability to teleport to join my lover
half a thousand miles from here
can these be permitted
or am I still cemented
to this slow static sullen space
no matter my desires
21st March 2021 Pennings - a census question or answers, a game as a metaphor