memories across time
touching caressing across
an inch of … air filled with
light feeling
face neck shoulder blade slide
breast belly curve of hip
down to thigh and … up
cupping warmth growing
burning gentle finger
reaching closer now millimetres now
but still no contact no touching
joined without touching
stroking air single point poised
sensing holding balanced on the
moment of closer edge of
closer now focused together
pulling back just a little then
return to that impossible knife
edge of not release yet holding longer
closer there is nothing else in the world
the Universe but this timeless
limitless moment connection
flesh by flesh just molecules
of incandescent air between and then
fulfilment more intimate
more together more connected complete
two in one in everything in all
now fall roll now finally skin to
skin now holding melting melding
as one for an endless time at least at last
alipslide together now holding inside
and out salt skin tasting it all
in sharing breath … and smile
[ 10th June 2016, Sometimes decades old memories return as clear, clearer, than what's happened
today ]