The irony
of trying to find words written
to express my frustration
for failing
absolutely totally always again
with words spoken
to express what lies
Communication failure
takes two, yes
but failure starts with expression
flawed disjointed misdirected
unheard misheard
caught up in knots that strangle
so that what's heard is a howl
not a sharing but a blow
back up rammed into each other pressure
rise with no clear outlet until finally
nothing emerges at all
whilst inside
shards shatter and cut and blind tears
that won't shed
and not for the first time
cry freedom loosed them once
after years
and free they stayed for a while
but time loss frustration fear froze them
closed them locked them
behind walls
once again
where they remain
with the words
all the words
that I can never find
15th July 2015