there's no one single flavour of you
you're a constant dancing flow
savoury to savory thyme to sweet time
to acid sharp
to soft sliding rounded
dry to slipping moist to flooding
to magical chewy bits
to roll against teeth and palate
from salt tears to gushing juices
mysterious inner chasms lined with alkaline pools
taste texture aroma soma inseparable
joyous heady celebration of
all senses come together
each gifting connection and synergy
with every other
you are everything every thing
share all my being taste … me
join our harvests auræ burgeoning sensuality
an explosion
of presence here and
of eternal now
join with me share essence passed
from mouth to mouth
forth and back and forth
from tongue to tongue
curled melded joined in dance of life
dance of love
dance together
2nd June 2019 – #5DaysofEros 2 day five, the erotics of taste