time out
moments snatched
gaps in time borrowed
while video renders
or servers restart
time out to wonder
imagine as best I can
that I've never asked
shared articulated to
anyone but myself
if even that
what do I actually desire
desire for me?
how where when do I want
to be touched
to be stroked
held close soft hard?
academic, now
alone in body to sigh
remember barely rarely to say
anything really for me
back then when perhaps
desire might have been
answered consummated
received as given
given as received
if I'd only said …
but still I can dream
of back stroked front
thigh musclecupped
curve of waist to pelvis held in palm
mouth warm around, tongue barely
when soft ping return
dollar or hash
prompt reverie set aside
once more
30th May 2019 – #5DaysofEros 2 day two, the erotics of boredom