So many things
unasked for
caught in that perfect confluence
unvalued rejected denied
Paralysis in fear of conflict
knowing that what I want
what I desire
is of no value
is unallowed
frightened to say I'm going
to visit a friend
(why do I feel need to ask, ask permission?)
frightened should I go
I'll not be welcome
(against all past experience)
So I am going to go visit
and when I arrive I will be asked in
and I will ask
may we hold each other
after this age of isolation
for a little while
skin to skin?
and my asking won't be rejected or condemned
and might yet be answered with, yes
yes, you are very welcome
yes, why have you not asked before?
Why have I not asked before?
so many years wishing imagining silent
hold me now
hold we slow quiet long
passion can wait
gentle meeting of flesh kissing flesh
companionship with you will always
always come first
13th April 2020 #pendemic five