Sometimes the Earth moves
flows like fast slow liquid
deliquescing curving soil
moves up and across
lifting, carrying
dropping into a new void
opening where once was
stability that pretended
the only choice that's
not being consumed is
to dance
to feel the promise of the next
to move with while able
then thrown
tossed skyward
beyond harmony or any chance
of control
of escape from dissolution
in ever higher chaos
oscillating vibrating
faster deeper
faster deeper
until the movement
is fine intense alive
in tense it carries, holds
more solid in its movement
than ever the bedrock
it came from
no longer bound
by stale inertia
by echoes of the dead past
a new baseline
a new offering for
a new reality
for the Earth moves…
10th November 2021 #Howl instability » greater instability » resolution in order, or chaos