I've often dreamt us
imagined us together
but never anything not shared in this life
until last night
last night you enfolded me
held blood hard
being inside you
coming inside you
this too we have never done
under you I felt your back on me
beside you I felt us move as one
carried you around the room
your legs entwined
around behind …
Waked from that dream
unwrapping layers dreaming still
to your door asking we might
hold each other stand poised held
felt you open we open
slow burn kindled
quickened dancing
through lips tongues teeth
no doubt or ambiguity but still
are you sure you want this
are we sure we want this
answered with touch
clothes disregarded discarded
as we spiral into our fire
20th February 2019 – #5DaysofEros day four, explore the unsaid