A whiff of two-stroke and a roar
as a predatory creature with mad eyes
some kind of pleased-with-himself arrogant
bastard you wouldn't want to become
fires up a chain-simile
the small ones
the quiet ones
gather together with only a few
blunt and broken bits of
questionable discarded punc-
to defend themselves
hyphæ in … ellipses
commodification enclosure
the loss of love
twisted distorted remnant revenant
carnal but without passion
(let alone tenderness)
locked into darkness until the end.
Somewhere, there are giraffes…
24th August 2015; this incoherence triggered by “I see you: Tom Daley”, and that diving giraffes
animation ☺ – opening added May 2017, from a comment at Obsessed with Pipework , and
tweaked further up to July 2017, including a phrase stolen from Charles Johnson on my ow n wall